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            Advantages of Personal Risk Management:

            • Personal risk management protects you
            • Family and business associates from the twists and turns of life.
            • Disability Income, Life and Long-Term Care insurance all have their place in your personal risk management plan.


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            Life Insurance protects your future plans if you are not there to do them. Business plans, family plans and many others can come true if protected properly. There are two basic types of life insurance.

            Term Life Insurance is the most basic type and is designed to provide coverage for a specified period of time, usually 10 to 30 years, in exchange for a monthly premium (payment). This type of insurance is usually the most affordable option for individuals under the age of 50.

            Permanent life Insurance lasts for the insured person’s entire life, as long as premiums are paid. Permanent policies combine a death benefit with a savings account. The cash value that accumulates with this type insurance can later be withdrawn or taken out as a loan against the policy.

            Disability Income insurance replaces your income if you are sick or hurt and cannot work. Professionals need own occupation coverage, which typically means that if you are not able to perform the substantial and material duties of your occupation, you can file a claim. Carefully read all Disability Income Insurance policy language and consult your tax advisor before purchasing.

            Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance protects your family and estate if you cannot perform Activities of Daily Life (ADLs). People live longer today than ever today. Home healthcare, personal care and skilled nursing home care are necessary for more seniors than ever. These services are covered by many LTC policies. If you are a business owner, consult your tax advisor before purchasing.

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